Promo Codes and Trends for 2018

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As we come to the end of the year, we start to look forward to what’s ahead for website design. Have you started to think about your business goals for 2018? If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to take an accounting of what you accomplished and what still remains undone in 2017. For the items not completed you should evaluate them, are they still things that you want to tackle in the new year or is it better to move onto new and potentially more engaging projects?

Promo Codes for Web Hosting, Domains, and More

Depending on when you set up your business website, you may need to renew your domains and/or hosting plans soon. Several web hosts offer deals that can be redeemed by using a promo code, and there are lots out there. Definitely worth doing a search before you put down any money. Don’t have a website yet? The savings are usually even better for new sign-ups, as there are several web hosts out there trying to woo new customers with amazing introductory offers.

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Web Design’s Emphasis is Now on Mobility and Video

Web design has grown more dynamic with each passing year. As we rapidly hurtle into the high-tech future, the web continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s web design trends.

An Emphasis on Video 

The power of online video cannot be overstated. Web video has fundamentally altered the manner in which audiences engage with online content. Though text is certainly engaging, video requires less effort on behalf of the customer. Web surfers are more inclined to share a captivating online video than text-based articles. Video can be used to tell a story, transmit a brand’s message and provide viewers with a peek into the lives of influencers and others. This is precisely why web designers are quickly moving in the direction of video. Some designers are emphasizing short clips that get right to the point. Others are taking advantage of live streaming technology. 

Mobile-First Approach

As time progresses, more and more people rely on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices to access web content. This shift has spurred web designers to create web pages with mobile users in mind. Some are even putting mobile users’ online experiences ahead of those who use traditional desktop computers. The bottom line is that mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary computers used to access the web. If content is not properly displayed or if the user experience design is lacking on these small screens, web surfers will head on over to competitors’ sites.Web Design Will Continue to Evolve

It is clear the web and web design are both dynamic in nature. They will continue to change and improve in unforeseeable ways as time progresses.  Those who are willing to pivot as the industry changes will reap the benefits across posterity.